It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is possible to find it elsewhere


                ~Agnes Repplier 



Breaking the Chains of Codependency
Target participants: This group is designed for people who have a pattern of being involved in relationships with people who can be dependent or tend to lose themselves in their relationships; can be people pleasing oriented and allow the behaviors of other's to affect them; and may also have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility and may tend to feel anxious when they are not in control. Codependency is when people operate as if they are okay only if the please the people around them.
The purpose of this group is to help you become aware of your relationship patterns; develop a clearer understanding of your family of origin patterns and the foundation for codependency; develop healthier ways to manage relationships in your life; and continue to grow a deeper and more meaningful relationship with yourself to create the life you want. 
Breaking the Chains of Codependency is a structured, curriculum based group to help you heal, grow and break relationship patterns in your life that no longer serve you. 
Group Leader: Jaimee Ory LCSW, CADAC, ACHT 
When: Friday afternoons from 12:15-1:30 PM beginning March 2nd- May 4th 
What:  This is an 8 week group (no meetings on March 16th and March 30thAn eight week commitment is required. 
Session 1: Characteristics of Codependency
Session 2: Family Stories
Session 3: Victim Triangle
Session 4: Feelings
Session 5: Reacting vs Responding
Session 6: Boundaries
Session 7: Control
Session 8: Acceptance
Where: Ironwood Counseling & Psychological Services
Cost: $30 per session.  This group may be covered by your insurance; call your insurance and ask if group therapy is covered. Group fees include the cost of all materials provided in each session.
How to register:  Call our office at 480-988-5003.  If you are not a current client at Ironwood, an individual intake session is required to enter into the group.
As a group member you must agree to respect the privacy and confidences of other group members. 
Quotes from Participants:
"The 'Breaking the Chains of Codependency' Group was an amazing growth experience for me. I strongly recommend the group experience for anyone who wants to see rapid emotional healing and growth.  Together we CAN do what we might feel we cannot do alone."
- Jane, Chicago IL
"When I decided to join the group I was not even sure if I was codependent, but soon after I joined I knew for SURE that I was codependent. Codependency is a word that most people underestimate or misunderstand, but during the group I learned amazing tools to help me really break the chains of codependency that often had me in an inner prison. By the end of the group I had a nice box of tools that I could still use every time I catch myself on the victim triangle."
-Liz, Naperville IL
"This group change my life. I learned how to hold my space in my relationships and take responsibility for my life. It freed me from a pattern of engaging with others that left me feeling depleted and negative. I am enjoying my life and my relationships now- and I trust myself now."
- Beth, Gilbert AZ
What To Expect from Group Therapy:
 Group therapy provides a powerful addition to individual therapy work you may have done/are doing. Group work allows us to more easily see our 'blind spots' and to engage on a deeper level with our personal work. This group environment will be confidential and safe to help you further grow on your journey of healing. Group therapy helps us to hold up a mirror to ourseleves to see our patterns more clearly. A group is about learning to take risks, to share thoughts, to change behaviors; it is about self-care, assertiveness, and validation as a person of worth. 

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