Our direction is ever more important than our speed.


L.R. Lawrence

 Adult DBT Informed Treatment:  Ride the wave

Mindfulness Skills     (Thinking in the here and now / Increased awareness)
Distress Tolerance     (Coping skills / Why coping skills work)
Emotion Regulation     (Emotions / Emotions and the body)
Thought Regulation     (Recognizing the impact of thoughts / Levels of thought)
Interpersonal Effectiveness     (Identifying wants vs. needs / Improved Communication)

Time:  Thursdays  7:00pm - 8:30pm 
Start Date:  This is an ongoing group so start date is not set - come join anytime

Cost:  $45.00/session (select insurance coverage may apply)

Facilitator:  Sheli Jensen, MAS MFT,  LMFT © 

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