Degree and certificates:

     MS Social Work

        Brigham Young             University



    -Emotion Focused         Therapy

    -Emotional Freedom         Technique

Populations served:



Ages seen:

    14 years and older

Daniel Parke, LCSW

Daniel earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University. He worked as a family counselor or Coordinator of Clinical Services at ANASAZI Foundation for over 10 years and continues to provide clinical supervision there.

Daniel believes in the innate goodness of each individual and in their unlimited potential. He seeks to invite personal responsibility and empathy in his work with couples and between parents and children. Daniel endorses a holistic approach to counseling, considering all aspects of one's life to help promote health and change.

Daniel has received training in the following areas:


Emotional Freedom Technique

Arbinger Institute

Emotion- Focused Therapy 



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