Learning and attention problems are increasingly prevalent.  Many families do not know what resources are available to treat these concerns in a responsible and effective way.  Neurofeedback has been reported to provide PERMANENT changes in attention and learning without medications.  
Mr. Klinkner offers a unique type of neurofeedback that combines not only brain wave monitoring and intervention, but behavioral reinforcement for when the client is actively using their brain to focus. 
There are basically two types of neurofeedback-passive and active.  Let me provide a brief explanation of each:
                         Passive neurofeedback s where the client sits there and has a number of electrodes on their head with                               some gel to allow for best conductivity and those electrodes map the brainwaves.  The computer reads                               which brainwaves are too low or too high and then provides brainwaves to put the brain into the state of                           an average person.  So, if you have not enough Alpha brainwaves, for example, it gives the brain more                                 Alpha.  Over time, this can lead to changes in the brain.  Passive neurofeedback has good research for                                 things like depression, but not great for ADHD or similar issues.  There are lots of different software                                     programs for this time of neurofeedback, one called QEEG is the most common.  Also, the person has to                             incrementally go back for "tune up sessions" to keep the changes.
                        Active neurofeedback I use is quite different.  The client has an armband (it looks one a person puts their                            smartphone in when exercising) on them that monitors their brainwaves (you don't have to have                                          electrodes on the head or sticky gel).  Then, the client is performing a series of tasks on the computer-                                  most are really video game like.  The client has to be focused in order to perform most of the tasks.  They                            get points, coins, rewards, etc throughout the games by being focused, just like any other video game.  I                              then monitor progress throughout the session and week to week.  I also track detrimental behaviors, such                          as fidgeting, talking, off track.  They get rewards for decreasing those, too. 
                        Additionally, I have parent coaching as part of what I provide.  That may take the form of covering basics                         of parenting, to using mindfulness at home to help with IEP's.  The combination of neurofeedback,                                        behavioral training and parent training covers all aspects of what can help change attention and focus                                issues.  
Several independent studies have found efficacy.  They have also found that after 40 hours of the active neurofeedback, whatever changes the student has made are permanent.  No matter if they keep coming or not.  Medications aren't the only answer for learning and attention problems.
This neurofeedback system has been shown to greatly increase focus and cognitive skills by using powerful advancements in the existing technology.  By using this neurofeedback system, along with memory training, cognitive skills training, behavioral training and social skills training we create permanent changes in the child's ability to focus and concentrate.
Cost:  $75 per session.  This services is not billable through insurance.
To schedule consultation or an appointment for neurofeedback, call our office at 480-988-5003

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